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Redesigning the Waiting Room 2020 with Access Health and Community

To provide better health care service by uncovering how patients want to feel in waiting rooms.

Future Self and Design Living Lab are collaborating with Access Health and Community to investigate the effect of emotions in waiting rooms. 

Access Health and Community aim to provide a health care service tailored to each unique individual who attends the centre.

Dr Alen Keirnan says,"[The study] looks at the waiting room as a conduit for information delivery, technology delivery, and promoting the many health services Access Health and Community offers; in a way that resonates with patients emotionally."

To enhance this, the study looks at user-focused solutions derived from the emotions these users want to feel in waiting rooms. 

This is achieved through engaging stakeholders in multiple methods including:


  • A questionnaire given to both new and existing patients, by reception staff, when they arrive for their appointment. The questions aim to elicit emotional responses from patients past experiences and desired experiences.


  •  A focus group conducted with staff, exploring three themes.
    • Barriers to working efficiently
    • Challenges to delivering the best possible services
    • Goals for the future

Focus group activity on staff's perspectives on how the physical interior of the waiting causes problems and areas which can be redesigned. 



  • A probe kit, given to staff, to describe barriers to providing best service. 

One staff member photographed the rubber ducks, that decorate the waiting room, in contrasting scenarios. The first image depicts how the waiting room currently operates. The second photo represents the health centre's view of best service - unique and tailored to each individual. A place where people can come from different angles, to achieve different health requirements. 



  • A student project in which interior design students analysed a mock-up of Access Health and Community existing waiting room, from the perspective of patients. Next, students were tasked with redesigning the waiting room, based on insights collected from primary research.

Thoughts on existing waiting room from interior design students


Redesigned waiting room by interior design student, Aydin Cifcioglu


Redesigned waiting room by interior design student, Ann Benjamin

Redesigned waiting room by interior design student, Georgia Sexton



Advocating involvement of the end user through emotions, rather than tangible desires, focuses the design process on the most accurate, successful outcome.

By combining the emotional perspective of patients and staff with interior design and academic research; Redesigning the Waiting Room 2020 with Access Health and Community will ultimately create a replicable model which qualifies providers to deliver elevated services and experiences.


Dr Sonja Pedell | Cheif Investigator | Director Future Self & Design Living Lab

Dr Alen Keirnan | Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Andrew Murphy | Research associate

Dr Flavia Marcello | Senior lecturer interior design

Article by Annika Sutter.

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