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Bio-Feedback Insoles for Prevention and Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Assist in the prevention of ulcers and leg damage by notifying diabetics of improper gait.

People with diabetes lose feeling in the bottom of their feet, resulting in them walking in a way that ultimately causes ulcers and damages their legs.These smart insoles will assist in the prevention of ulcers and leg damage by notifying diabetic patients if they need to alter their walk, through biofeedback sensors.

In developing this project, two studies will take place:

The first will assess non-diabetics participants. This will validate the insole system against the insole standard in the market and verify the proper pattern for walking and daily activity.

Secondly, a clinical trial with diabetic patients will provide the comparison to identify the necessary parameters needed for the insoles- such as the centre of pressure.

Prof. Tino Fuss

Professor of Health and Sports Technologies CDI Core Program Director: Smart Wearables Technology and Design Tino has a dual background in medicine...

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Dr. Udi Weizman

CDI Research Fellow: Core Program - Smart Wearables Technology and Design  Udi combines his passion for sport with his skills in...

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Wound Management Innovation CRC

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Annika Sutter

Annika Sutter is a highly motivated, final year, communications student. Her current role involves coordinating the professional...

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